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Air conditioning


Rent our mobile climate control units for your events and commercial/industrial needs in the Montreal area. We cover air conditioning, heating, ventilation and humidity control. Our services include equipment shipping and complete installation throughout the province of Quebec. Let us make your air better, and your life easier.

Events — Commercial — Industrial

Custom solutions for all spaces.

Owning a wide range of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and humidity control mobile units, we deliver and install the equipment in a matter of hours without you having to worry about anything. No matter the location, type of event or number of guests, you will no longer have to endure the extremes of the climate as we are here to propose to you the unit that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Comfort wherever you need it.






Our rental services are available in a range of power tailored to your needs, for short or long-term periods, thus ensuring greater flexibility in managing your activities.

Choose us as your needs, it is to guarantee a security environment respecting the standards of hygiene and environmental. Our units can be used to any kind of places to organize all your activities. Other products are designed to warm a space either ventilate a reduced space or the influx in air is limited.

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 4000 #101,
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Location CVAC is composed of a team of experts in air conditioning, heating, ventilation and humidity control. We rent and deliver HVAC units throughout the province of Quebec to commercial, industrial and institutional sectors, which have come to rely on our expertise to implement custom and effective air solutions. We chose to fill a need in the rental business because various activities often take place in locations having no air conditioning system, permanent heating or secure airflow. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and a free quote!

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© 2020 Location CVAC, Inc.