Humidity regulation units rental.

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Rent our portable humidification and dehumidification units to regulate the hygrometry levels of your event, commercial and industrial spaces. Get a custom solution adapted to your needs, delivered by domain professionals wherever you need it.


Humidifiers and dehumidifiers for rent.

Our portable industrial humidification and dehumidification units are all you need for maintaining a suitable humidity level for the spaces that matter to you. Wether you want to dehumidify an undergound facility or need to dry a flooded environment, Location CVAC will be happy to help you choose the perfect units for your situation. If left unchecked, moisture turns into mold, which can make a place unsanitary and have negative impacts on human health. Conversely, an air too dry can cause respiratory discomfort, dehydration sensations and headaches. Our mobile rental units are designed to regulate the humidity of any location without you having to worry about anything. All of our units are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The  Location CVAC team is at your disposal to provide you with a complete rental service of humidifiers and dehumidifiers adapted to your needs, whether you are in Laval, Montreal or in any other region of Quebec. During the delivery, our experts will take care of determining the ideal humidity rate to be established at the targeted place. Take advantage of our experience by making the air of your environment safe for both the physical place itself and the lungs of the good people who breathe through it.

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